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Part Two: Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

Even more to consider when choosing an exterior paint color: 


When painting your home, think in terms of three colors:

  1. Body Color (which dominates) for large areas and siding
  2. Trim Color for railings, door and window casings, fascia boards
  3. Accent Color for smaller areas like doors and shutters or gables

Choose similar shades for a monochrome look, or go bold and select colors that pop.  Easy-to-paint front doors lend themselves well for color choices that might be a little more “adventurous” and create a drastic change with less effort. But remember: the more bold you go, the more dramatic the effect, and the smaller the dose.

A bright orange door might make just the right statement, but adding shutters and trim in the same shade might be too much.

Consider creating visual interest by contrasting warm and cool hues: A honey-colored wooden door pairs well with cool blue siding.


Do you think “white” when you think “trim”? Consider a dark neutral (navy blue or forest green work well), or black for your window casings and other trim work. Dark trim not only hides imperfections, but can also add a rich, unexpected twist to your home. Dark trim is especially flattering on a Craftsman style home.

Pro Tip: If you have French Pane windows, avoid surprises by taking into consideration the color contrast between the French pane and the window trim framing the window as you make your color choice.


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