There are so many unforeseeable variables and uncontrollable circumstances when it comes to remodeling that many people will want it to be over before it hardly begins. HIS BIZ goes to great lengths to limit the stresses of remodel projects by setting the real world expectations right upfront.

We provide open dialogue regarding the smallest details throughout the entire process and rely on a trusted network of qualified subcontractors. We can also assist with the design phase, item selections and overall project management.


You may decide renovating is a better option for you than a full scale remodel. A standard renovation project can be as simple as replacing a few items like a bathroom floor and vanity, sink and some fixtures then adding a fresh coat of paint and maybe a few embellishments.

Since your typical renovation does not require a complete redesign or changing the layout of your space(s) it tends to be much more cost effective and can be completed in a shorter time frame. It is just a matter of taking the old stuff out and putting new stuff in.

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