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Part One: Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

Some helpful tips to consider when choosing an exterior paint color: 


Your home has its own personality and feel. Whether it’s stately, trendy, sleek, or beachy – paint can accentuate your home’s look and feel. Stately homes maintain elegance and style with a refined and subdued color palette. Mediterranean and Tuscan style homes go well with yellow ochres, warm beige shades, or sun-kissed terra cotta. Colonial homes look stunning in all shades of white. Explore warm and cool tones, and consider weather, light, and time of day as you make your choice.

Own a historic home? Ask your local Chamber of Commerce or Historical Association for your neighborhood’s authentic colors: Rich and not-too-bright blues, greens or maroon shades are a nice compliment to historic architectural detail.

Living in a brick home?  Don’t be stuck with brick brown. Brickstone naturally comes in shades ranging from almost white to charcoal gray.  Paint your brick, or opt to go natural and look for specks of color in the stone to accentuate and contrast with the surrounding surfaces.

Northwest style homes look great in all shades that make the Northwest — the Northwest. Warm grays, grayish blues, fir greens, browns and tan mirror the beauty of the rugged nature around your home. Or, be inspired by your favorite island vacation destination. Yellow, turquoise or lavender bring that happy feeling right back.

Feeling bold and trendy? Bright out-of-the-box statement colors are fun and sassy. But remember: Quality workmanship on surfaces and trim is essential when you choose to go bold.


What color is your driveway, roof, fence, landscape, vegetation? Will the trees lose their leaves and if so – what’s behind them? What color are the blossoms in the spring?

Would you like your home to pop or blend in? Your home’s surroundings play a big role when it comes to color selection.  A lighter color will set your home back visually if it’s built close to the curb, while a darker color will give it more presence.


Take a walk and see what your neighbors are up to…in terms of curb appeal and home exterior, that is.  If you choose to go yellow on a street with mostly grays and blues, how will it feel to stand out?

This brings us to an important topic: Homeowners Associations. If you’re a member of a Homeowners Association, be sure to read up on rules and bylaws that pertain to look and style in your neighborhood.

Strive to blend *just enough* in with your neighbors, while adding that unique twist to let you stand out.


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