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One Coat, Two Coats…Red Coat, Blue Coat

Does your quote include two coats of paint?  A good question, and one we address often.  Unfortunately the answer is not as simple as yes or no - when your painting contractor's quote specifies two coats - this is often not the case and it can be very misleading.  

Rather than specifying a certain number of coats, HIS BIZ Painting guarantees to provide full coverage which ensures a uniform appearance and adequate protection from the elements.  Depending on certain variables this can be accomplished with a single coat or it could take one coat or multiple coats of paint.

In order to make an informed decision you must first understand a few things about paint application techniques and what you are potentially up against.  In order to get a true double coat the first coat of paint needs to be applied appropriately with the right amount of thickness (millage) and allowed to completely dry before the second coat is applied to provide that additional layer of protection. Two coats on new construction is typical but this can be overkill in a repaint situation.

Knowledge is power - here are some things to consider: 

  • Many painting contractors guarantee two coats but potentially will spray on two very light coats (what we call fog coats).  This technique will not provide the protection you would expect from a true double coat application.  One coat properly applied with the same paint can be just as good or better than two thin “fog coats”.  
  • In addition, you could be sold on a high-quality full covering product that is then thinned down and you won’t get the protection you are paying for.  Many painters thin their materials with water or other thinning agents in order to cover more surface area and cut their costs of purchasing the proper amount of paint.
  • Also, be aware of contractors who tell you they spray on two coats but in reality they spray on one coat then back brush/roll over it and then “fog” a light application over top of the wet paint. Wet paint over top of wet paint does not constitute a true double coat.  The first coat needs to be completely dry before applying the second coat.

HIS BIZ will guarantee to provide full coverage with a uniform appearance whether that takes one coat or multiple coats.  We use only high quality, non-diluted materials and the end result will be what you expect and deserve for your investment. 

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